Barge Services

GREENWICH MARINE SERVICES offers many Services for the Tug and Barge Industry on the West Coast of British Columbia.  Our Company specializes in Barge Surveys and will ensure that the same dedication and attention to detail is followed for every barge we Survey as would be given to a deep sea Ship.  

Our Surveyors are very familiar with many of the Barges servicing the Lower Mainland and we supply a variety of  Tug and Barge Services to our Clients.  Our Barge Masters are available to conduct the safe loading of cargo to Barges from Ships at anchorage or in Port or to monitor cargo transfer operations. 

We offer Cargo Draught Surveys, On /Off Hire and Valuation, or Barge Securing /Lashing for Barges transporting cargo. We can supply Barge Surveys for Condition, and Cleanliness prior to loading cargo. 


Accurately calculated cargo weights are provided with Draught Surveys. Initial and Final Surveys are taken before and after loading or discharging from a Barge and are conducted in a prompt and accurate manual manner, using the Vessel’s Hydrostatic and Ballast tables.  


We presently offer and regularly provide Barge Master services to the Marine Industry during the discharge of cargo from Ships to Barges and for loading from Shore facilities. Our Barge Masters will be your eyes to safely monitor and check the barge for tonnages during discharge or loading.  During these operations our Barge Masters ensure that tonnages are met, safety of operations is followed and that on completion of loading that the Barges are in a seaworthy and well trimmed condition. 


Inspections prior to and after lease for Ships, Barges and Containers.  To categorize damages for Clients on the condition of the Barges cargo decks, a Survey is made with regard to existing and / or claimed damages.     Services: (604) 657-5959   Office: (604) 940-0922             1734 Duncan Drive, Delta BC. Canada V4L 1S2